Pet Care

Signs That Your Cat Loves You

One of the most important questions for cat lovers – Is the love mutual?

A lot of people ask themselves these questions because they think their cat doesn’t care about them so they begin to question does it like me or does it just wants more food. Either way, you have to agree that the cat treats the worthy different and accepts them more compared to other unwanted people. Here are some signs that your cat loves you and wants you to know it :

  • The PURR – if a cat begins to purr next to you that is the ultimate sign of affection it can give you. Cats purr only when they fill comfortable and they feel safe with you so the next time you hear that do not question it anymore the love is mutual.
  • Watching TV with you – relaxing in front of your flat-screen TV if your cat comes and sits by your side that’s a clear sign that it enjoys your company. Other things that might happen are it sits in front of the TV or on top of your head and begins to crave your attention because it wants to be the only thing loved in the house.
  • They don’t leave you alone – If your cat doesn’t leave you alone even for a second you have a very loving cat. Examples might include when it sits in front of the TV or in front of the book that you are reading, they can even bite your socks and ankles even sit on top of your head.
  • They show their bellies – If a cat comes and lies next to you and spreads her legs to show its belly that means that it trusts you completely.
  • Keeping its tail up – When your cat comes with its tail up it is a sign that it has feelings for you and says that the love you share is mutual.
  • They hate being home alone – Cats are a type of pets that hate being left alone which means when you leave the house they will look all over the house for you and begin to meow which might anger your neighbors, but at least you know that you have a special place in your pet’s little heart.
  • They clean you – Cats like cleaning themselves and their children by licking them. If by chance your cat licks you to get you clean it is a clear sign that it thinks of you as and loves you like their own child.