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German Shepherd Pitbull Mix

To understand the breed, German Shepherd Pitbull Mix it’s important to know how breeding is done between two different kind of breeds. If you are German shepherd lover then you should probably know what is breeding or more precisely cross breeding and why and how its done? Let’s have brief overview on cross breeding. You may have seen dogs with extra ordinary beautiful features and they look so adorable. You can find your favorite dog while looking into market or you can ask to breed your interested dog to any professional breeder. Somewhere breeders can be found easily but somewhere they cannot be found so easily so, first you need to find out breeder. All you need to do is tell him about your favorite features you want in your dog. Then breeder would check the requirement in different breeds and you would have you dog in sometime. Like in this case dog is produced from two breeds, Pitbull and German shepherd that’s why called as German Shepherd Pitbull Mix.

Quest to find about this breed doesn’t stops here, frequently roaming questions can be found and one of them is where did from German Shepherd Pitbull Mix come? There is not any confirmation about when and exactly where from German Shepherd Pitbull Mix come? But it is said around 1898 this breed was formally introduced.

German Shepherd mix with Pitbull Temperament

While discussing about German Shepherd Pitbull Mix it is prominent to discuss about the German Shepherd mix with Pitbull Temperament. But in cross breeding there is just guessing of temperament that a child can adopt not any confirmation. Because when cross breeding is done there come genes and DNA from two breeds and it cannot be told what temperament exactly child can adopt. So, to understand the German Shepherd mix with Pitbull Temperament there is need to understand the temperament of both Pitbull and German Shepherd dogs. Because you puppy would get personality from one of them or may be mixture of both of them. German shepherd temperament is quite aggressive and can even attach any person or pet nearby dog. So, to make a good dog out of German shepherd you need to do orientation properly and also do some socialization if dog is just for pet purpose. Pitbull Temperament is also very aggressive and can even catch a moving animal with its insane jaws. Mostly it is also like German shepherd not so different. German Shepherd. Mix breed Temperament can completely come from Pitbull or German shepherd, there is also chance your dog can have personalities from both of them.

Pitbull mixed with German shepherd mature height and weight is 17-24 inches and 30-90 pounds respectively. This dog can have weight and height in range of any of their parents’ height and weight. That’s why given range includes the both of parents in itself. Another important thing about this cross breed is its color scheme, which of their parents it would adopt color from. Pitbull and German shepherd mix colors can be guessed by looking at the parents’ colors there is not any confirm telling about this fact. It is like you have rolled a dice and you are now guessing for which side there would appear on top but cannot tell exactly which one would appear. Pitbull and German shepherd mix colors can be same as German shepherd or Pitbull but not confirmed and also can be a mixture of both of parents. If we talk about German shepherd and Pitbull mix coat, their coat is can be as German shepherd or from Pitbull.

Pitbull German Shepherd Health

This is one of the important facts to take care about when are dealing with shepherds. It is now obvious German shepherd Pitbull mix is cross breed and in cross breed it is well known problem about the health of bred dog by cross breeding. If any of parent is suffering from disease, there is possibility child can also suffer from that specific disease and eye disease is example of disease which can be found in this breed. If we just talk about one of the parents it would be clear that Pitbull health problems is more than German shepherd.

Pitbull German Shepherd mix exercise requirements

We all know shepherds are very strong and energetic dogs so they need to do tasks all the time to consume their energy. If they are kept as prisoner, they can show their insane nature and cause any harm even to their owner. In Pitbull German shepherd mix exercise requirements there comes walk and playing with them and these two are the famous exercises.

Dealing with German shepherd Pitbull mix there comes a question in mind. How long do Pitbull mix German shepherd live? And answer to this question is, they can live up to 10-15 years. And another question is, is a German shepherd mix Pitbull is good family dog? so, by proper socialization they can make good home pet. Have you made your mind to adopt German shepherd Pitbull mix puppies? Good for you, you now just need to find a good breeder and deal with him to get your dog.