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Dog Foods – Buying Guide, Grading and Testing in 2018

Dog kibbles are musts for people who have a canine pet. They provide doggies with all the nutrients they need. Currently, many brands produce as well as individuals do not know what to buy for their dog. In order to get the right product, it is advisable to take into account the age of his canine companion. According to this data, you will have to orient yourself on this or that range of products. To make a good choice, we recommend that you seek the advice of a veterinarian. For now, here are two croquettes that are very popular with animal lovers. The Purina Pro Plan Medium & Large Adult 7+which is a food for adult dogs. It promotes a normal growth of the animal and actively strengthens its musculature. Other than that, the Royal Canine Mini Adult RCMA010 is very well sold and advances all the nutrients to support your dog’s body.

How to choose good dog foods?

 So that your dog stays healthy, do not choose his diet by chance. Make sure that the food you feed him gives him all the nutrients he needs to develop his muscles and strengthen his teeth. Through this buying guide for the best dog food brands, we will talk about the features to consider when buying this product. These characteristics include the dog’s age, meat and vitamins.

Purchase guide

 The age of the dog

The age of your dog should be the first criterion at the cost of choosing food to avoid feeding him food that does not meet his needs and that will not be favorable to his health. Considering this point allows you to master how to buy dog ​​food at a better value.

A dog’s stage of life is divided into two parts: the stage of life as a puppy and the stage of life as an adult dog. If your puppy is still small at the puppy stage, make sure that it only consumes high calorie and protein foods to support muscle growth, bone growth and stronger teeth. As for adult dogs, they also need all the nutrients and vitamins they need to strengthen their muscles and prevent their pelage from falling.

Foods for adult dogs are, in most cases, labeled with the words Senior or Great Breed to prevent you from getting lost if you do not know what type of food your dog can match depending on his stage of life.

The meat

All dogs love meat, whether raw or cooked, and the presence of this component in most of its food could only enchant it with every meal. Reason why, to buy a good dog food, we suggest checking the presence of it among the components of said food to then be able to pass to the comparator of price.

Whether its poultry meat, beef, game or fish, this component should be largely food and its presence should be felt by your dog every time he eats. All these types of meat contain the nutrients necessary for the proper development of the muscles of your dogs and are close to the diet of wild dogs.


So that your dog stays healthy and does not have any problems with his coat, eyesight or teeth, make sure that the foods you give him are rich in vitamins. That’s why, in order to move on to the question “where to buy new best dog food brands? Our advice is also about taking into account the presence of vitamins in your dogs’ food.

These are foods composed of fruits and vegetables that contain vitamins and minerals, essential to keep your dog healthy. The presence of different vitamins in dog food indicates that it is of good quality compared to foods that contain only a few vitamins and minerals.


 Nutritional intake

Many changes can occur in the body of a dog when he grows older: stiff joints, digestive disorders, slow brain function … As a result; her nutritional needs may also change, sometimes drastically. The Purina Pro Plan Medium & Large Adult 7+ can help to overcome these discomforts and live in good health and longer.

Indeed, this type of croquette is designed for older dogs (over 7 years) and whose size can vary from 10 to 70 kg. Complete food for this category of dogs, croquettes Purina Pro Plan Medium & Large Adult 7+ contain the essential nutrients to keep your dog healthy despite his advanced age. Its nutrients significantly improve your dog’s responsiveness, alertness and alertness.

Vitamin and trace element intake

When a dog is getting older and is over 7 years old, it is a good idea to keep a close watch on your diet. Indeed, it must be rich in vitamins and trace elements necessary to keep it healthy. The Purina Pro Plan Medium & Large Adult 7+ kibble is rich in Vitamins A, which prevents your dog from being blind or having vision problems and D3 vitamins that help strengthen his joints through good calcium absorption. .

The other vitamins that go into the composition of the kibble are the vitamins E and the vitamins C which reinforce the immune defenses of your dog and keep it in good health. In addition, Purina Pro Plan Medium & Large Adult 7+ croquettes are also rich in trace elements to name just calcium iodide.


As you age, your dog may lose his appetite. In these cases, it is necessary to help it to find this appetite thanks to delicious food in taste. The Purina Pro Plan Medium & Large Adult 7+ dog food contains chicken pieces that make them very appetizing and very tasty. In addition, the size of the kibble adapts to the size of the jaws of the large and medium dogs.

By choosing Purina Pro Plan Medium & Large Adult 7+ to feed your old dog, you also give him good oral hygiene, thus avoiding losing his teeth and having digestive disorders. Feeding your dog with this kind of dog kibble greatly increases its longevity as you make it have a complete feed, designed by qualified veterinarians and dog nutritionists.