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Ancient Report Reveals Polar Thumbprint! Who is Thumb Had been It?

Research resources could be slim up within rural Idaho. Our small town includes a library, but my personal main source may be the Idaho Youngsters Ranch (IYR) “used treasures” shop. The Idaho Youngsters Ranch offers 20 shops marked about the Idaho chart. IYR includes a mission declaration. It is actually: “The Idaho Youngsters Ranch offers troubled kids and households a bridge to some valued, accountable and effective future. ”

“The Ranch is really a 56 mattress, 24 hr supervised, long-term treatment plan for kids ages 8-18, as well as girls age range 13-18. The campus is situated on a sizable ranch within southeast Idaho. The actual Ranch consists of five home lodges, admin offices, college, gymnasium, interior riding industry, dining corridor, chapel, firehouse, wooden shop, personnel housing, as well as farm structures. An on-campus, special training school is actually operated underneath the auspices from the local college district. Plenty of horses along with a summer 4-H plan make farm life actual and produce lessons which last an eternity. ” You are able to learn much more at: (Deliver money! )#)

Anyhow, The Idaho Youngsters Ranch “used stuff” shop is where I discovered the historic record which explains exactly what’s going on with our world. It is why you have all from the turmoil; the actual earthquakes, volcanoes erupting, horrible storms, tsunamis, as well as, although I’ve not demonstrated this, psoriasis.

I suppose I may too admit it at this time.

It isn’t an old record.

This isn’t actually that aged.

I lied so you would study my post.

Please eliminate me. Used to do it for that good associated with mankind.

The cherish is my very own very utilized copy associated with “Heroes associated with Polar Pursuit. ” Compiled by Ralph Nited kingdom. Andrist along with arctic explorer Back Admiral George T. Dufek, Ough. S. D. (Upon the market). It had been published through American History Publishing, Company., Inc. within 1962. (Be sure you read concerning the distinguished admiral from: []).

Well, I guess that 1962 is ancient enough for some of you.

I found the secret to what is going on to cause all the world’s trouble on page 18. Admiral George J. Dufek himself gave us the secret so we know it is the god’s truth of the matter. This is what he said, “It is as if a mythical force (had) thrust its thumb down on the North Pole and a bulge appeared at the South Pole.”


Doesn’t that explain it all at once!

God bless you Admiral Dufek!

For those of you who are not expert in Arctic research, here are more details: You know that the Arctic is wet and the Antarctic is dry, right? (Look at the map if you must.) Our friend, the admiral, points out that the Arctic Ocean is 10,000 feet deep. The average elevation of the Antarctic is 6,000 feet (with peaks as high as 15,000 feet.) On top of that is ice 2,000 feet deep.

So now you know everything there is to know. The Antarctic Bulge is the culprit. It continually distorts things, causing our axis to wobble all over the place. Don’t forget that its geometry changes with the snow pack. (That’s my theory and I’m sticking to it. Nobody likes a wishy washy scientist.)

God made our planet rotate on an angle of 23 degrees to the orbital plane. He went out of his way to provide us “No Name Moon,” to stabilize that orbit. That is why we can live on this earth. But life is not perfect here because someone put his or her thumb into the top of our earth! (I also suspect that all the junk our astronauts left on “The No Name Moon” changed its orbit and made things worse.)

That is why we have all of these blasted problems. The “Southern Bulge!” (I put that in there so as not to embarrase those who don’t know which pole is “The South Pole.”)

At this point I would like to go deep into scientific theory..