Exotic Animals

Funny Dog Stories

Inside my days inside the advertising enterprise, I arranged promotional events for instance Christmas parades using a six-pony staff pulling Santa’s sleigh, carnivals and also circuses together with exotic pets and chickens including lions, tigers, contains, monkeys and also elephants.

1 day, I was around the telephone using a client discussing a layout for the next sale function, when abruptly we observed my receptionist yell, then my own office front door burst available and inside romped a child lion. Behind your pet was certainly one of his handlers wanting to corner the particular beast, even though the other handler has been trying unsuccessfully to be able to convince the particular receptionist in which she was at no risk.

The handler/owners have been associates which I usually hired to offer animals regarding my a lot more bizarre marketing promotions.

The lion was merely a baby, but any five-month outdated lion cub is not any little feline, although this individual played being a kitten, swatting and also leaping upon whatever moved. He has been about how big is a extremely overweight Retriever. When this individual dove beneath my settee after having a ball, and stood to go back with his / her prize, this individual dragged the particular sofa together with him.

Your client demanded a conclusion of the particular interruption, but cannot believe my own color commentary with the events at the office until this individual heard the particular kitten’s ‘mighty roar’. Then he insisted that we bring my own visitors and also their family pet to his / her automobile car lot, and make a jungle theme for your sale function where we could feature the tiny beast.

Sensing one more job for animals, my own friends gladly accepted his / her invitation, and also we piled into my own car. My partner and i drove, one handler sat inside the passenger’s seat as well as the little Leo was at the again seat with all the other handler.

I has been traveling southbound over a very active city avenue. As My partner and i approached a great intersection, the particular traffic mild turned environmentally friendly, so My partner and i proceeded about through; nonetheless, a northbound driver hasten to produce a left switch directly facing me. I has been forced to be able to slam around the brakes and also spin the particular wheel to the left to avoid a accident.

The actions was irresistible for the playful lion cub. He leaped from your back couch, wrapped his / her forepaws about my throat and started to chew up on my own hair, and driving my brain forward on the tyre.

The squeal with the brakes as well as the swerving automobile drew the eye of pedestrians who have been aghast to be able to witness any sight hardly ever seen during a metropolis -a automobile careening uncontrollable with any lion assaulting the motorist.