Ways to Know If Your Dog Is Happy In a Dog Daycare Facility

Your local doggie daycare plays an important part in your life as well as your pets – you are able to leave her there while you are at work and she is cared for and exercised. For many dog-owners there is always a nagging question at the back of their minds – is my dog really happy at dog daycare? If dogs could talk they would tell us whether or not they were happy, but since they can’t it is up to you to be observant so that you can know when dog daycare isn’t working for your pet. Here is what you should look out for.

Very young dogs generally don’t do well in dog daycare

It is very important that all pups have only positive interactions with other dogs – it is the best way to socialize them so that when they grow up they are not aggressive. For this reason it is not a good idea to take a dog that is younger than 6 months to a dog daycare facility. Even if the place is properly staffed there are bigger dogs there and they may intimidate your pup and cause her to adopt aggressive tendencies. If your dog is rather young it is better to keep her at home until she is old enough, or arrange for someone to take her for the day when you are away.

Your dog would rather follow you around than play with other dogs

One way to find out whether your dog prefers the company of humans to that of other dogs is to take her to the park and observe how she behaves when she is with other humans and dogs. If she would rather stay close to people most of the time she is more comfortable with them, so dog day care may not be a good idea for her unless she can get the one-on-one attention that she needs. Don’t force your dog into social situations where she is not comfortable.

Is your dog more of a loner?

There are some dogs that are happiest when they are by themselves – even at home you may notice that rather than be by your side your pet prefers to sit alone. She may not be sad or depressed – she may just prefer her own company. Taking her to a dog daycare facility will expose her to an environment that will make her very uncomfortable.

When you get to dog daycare your dog hides

This is a telling sign – if your dog tries to hide behind you or under furniture when you get to dog day care she is definitely not happy to be there. If she was she would bound in with confidence and it would be written all over her face. You may want to think about alternative care arrangements.

If your dog is harassed during play

You may notice that your dog doesn’t really participate voluntarily – she may be the one who is chased by other dogs every time, or she may be pinned down in an uncomfortable way.

If you notice any of these signs you ought to talk to the dog day care facility and find out whether they have the ability to provide exactly what your dog needs. If they don’t you should find alternatives to care for your pet while you are at work.